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    Today the CEO of AXJ Mr. John Aster has presented an Affidavit against the President of BUACA Pete Geary for contempt of Court. Apparently Pete Geary was Ordered by the Court in Australia to serve Mr. Aster and present evidence and he has failed to do so. Therefore, Mr. Aster has now turned the tables on Pete Geary and has requested that the Court take action for justice against Pete Geary for contempt of Court. Please read the sworn, signed, and served Affidavit below:

    Affidavit regarding Pete Geary now served

    by John Aster on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9:11pm


    An affidavit is a written statement made on oath or solemn affirmation and signed by the deponent.
    The form of the affidavit varies according to the type of oath or affirmation.

    Affidavits made on oath

    I, John George Aster, of 4 Barney Street Arana Hills Queensland 4054, make oath and say that:

    1. It was ordered to Pete Geary to provide an Affidavit of allegations to prove his claim. I have not received an Affidavit sworn and do request of the court that he is given leave of the court to provide it.

    2. I request that Mr. Geary produce any evidence of stalking by myself before the courts your honour that has not been in absolute mere frustration and in response to years of being labelled a paedophile by Pete Geary the President of BUACA, other BUACA members and associates that have caused myself great despair and depression and led to multiple visits to the police station over the last 18 months trying to prevent such harassment and implied death threats, indirectly and directly made to my life ,visits to my home where my safety has been compromised as one would expect when a so called Child Abuse Organisation declares you publicly a paedophile and using Facebook where he had over 5000 members. Attached in Annexure A is a photograph of Pete Geary’s car outside of my house. As there were are a large volume of posts there has been screen captures made which I wish to tender as an exhibit.

    3. Annexure B is a further affidavit from myself which I have provided the police evidence where members/friends of BUACA have been communicating with Dr Chalk it doesn’t get any more personal in relation to stalking.

    4. Mr. Geary has alleged that I had called at 4am to his house, I request that he produce evidence of such messages and considering them to be so threatening where he, his wife and child at 4am were in hearing distance of such calls and there was a police investigation, I request any evidence to the contrary and proof from telecommunication’s that these two phone calls come from myself and my numbers, date and time of these telephone calls your honour, so I can produce evidence to the contrary that they did not come from myself as the allegation from Mr. Geary.

    5. I strongly deny that I have made any such phone calls and since I have never spoken to Mr. Geary’s wife or child, I would like to know how they come to the conclusion these calls came from me and apparently were me.

    6. I request that Mr. Geary produce the results of a police investigation in conjunction with the allegations.

    7. I strongly dispute that I have ever hacked any of Mr. Gearys accounts and would like Mr. Geary to produce such evidence that I have done so, from Facebook as a request can be made which will track the offending IP address, YouTube and any other social network’s and accounts that Mr. Geary Claims I have hacked.

    8. I do not deny that I received multiple emails from a Pete Geary email account, I am still not sure as to whether these emails were sent to me by Mr. Geary himself by design, I have in my possession videos sent by another third person Mr.Geary had also declared was hacking his accounts with myself where it clearly shows the only person in those accounts at that time was Pete Geary and was using the so called hacked accounts to slander myself and others he has had public grievousness with in the past as no one would say such things in a public forum. I did write on my page that I had hacked his accounts however only due to pure frustration after he had already declared me of hacking his supposed accounts and years of calling me a paedophile in a very public domain. Police never investigated and nor is Police even interviewing me in relation to this. It is just more just more shocking slander I have to contend with from Mr. Geary.

    9. I will be producing videos showing evidence your honour as well as a person who will give evidence via another state as to the same allegations he had made against her, yet never endeavoured to get the police involved and possibly because that person has a current IVO Order against Mr.Geary due to stalking and harassment via the Internet.

    10. I am unaware of any members of BUACA resigning and if that is the case your honour, I do not believe that it has anything to do with myself at all and by Mr.Gearys own behaviour and the way he has conducted himself over the Internet.

    11. I request Mr.Geary produce such claims and statements from those members if this is the case and once again strongly deny the allegation.

    12. I state that Pete Geary has incited violence, and labelled me a paedophile and have caused me the greatest of harm merely because he proclaims to be a Child Abuse Advocate and those that follow and believe in his cause and organisation.

    13. It is alleged that he funds Mako and/or promotes Mako, an online site where paedophiles are named and shamed and once Mr. Geary declared me a paedophile to his members and followers on the Internet with his organisation and being the founder of BUACA it has been strongly believed by all that I am a paedophile, despite the fact for longer then 24 months I have tried to prove otherwise and tried to clear my name ,it has been to no avail and still today I come under attack with websites and such and have on many occasions feared for my life real and perceived because of the death threats I have received, unwanted visits that have caused me severe harm emotionally and otherwise and a hyper vigilance that one could never really explain being innocent of such a crime and yet in this position having people believe I am a paedophile. Police gave me a certificate proving that such allegations were not true. Members/Friends of Pete Geary made out that it was a fake document. Annexure B I tender the same document refuting the claims of BUACA members where Pete Geary has never stopped any members from calling myself a paedophile for longer then 2 years and continues to attack on a daily basis.

    14. The police I believe have done nothing because they were well aware of my complaints for many months and once again I strongly deny that I or anyone I know has hacked into Pete Gearys accounts and request proof of such a serious allegation as this is just another form of vilification.

    15. It is my understanding any restraining orders admitted by Mr. Geary of having in 3 states of Australia have never been due to any action by myself and I do not know the 3 persons were even taking out such orders and would like to know who these persons are so that I may subpoena them to this court. These cases accordingly have nothing to do with myself and sadly the reason that I have got to know some of his victims and approximately 30 more victims who are too scared to go to police, is because all have been victim’s of Mr.Gearys in different ways and it has been Mr. Geary that has brought attention to each and every one as he has done me via the Internet.

    16. Mr. Geary has not lost any chapter’s in relation to myself and as I have said the orders and allegations are varied your honour, I have heard that there are pending investigations in relation to different matters and all have been independent and from different states and I have no knowledge of those investigations apart from the fact they are ongoing and private to each individual. I believe it was Mr. Geary who has made people aware of these people and investigations and this has if anything brought a group of victim’s together that try once and a while support each other when Mr.Geary makes these allegations and such abuse that occurs via the internet.

    17. AXJ , Mr. Geary has labelled a paedophile ring that is merely a group of men and woman who have suffered loss and trauma and some kind of abuse supporting each other’s from all over the world and trying to help where they can, yet if you type in the name AXJ it has been labelled by Pete Geary and BUACA members and followers as a paedophile ring run by myself.

    18. I once again request proof and strongly deny this allegation.

    19. I request that the images where I have suggested Pete Geary is a paedophile came from Pete Geary himself with his hand that appears to be on a young girls backside and is clearly inappropriate and I have declared such behaviour as inappropriate, I have never once used his children in any way, shape or form on the Internet and after months of being labelled a paedophile and trying to clear my name have made your honour some YouTube videos with the help of John Anderson who now reportedly runs BUACA in Canada and still to date labels myself a paedophile whilst declaring his runs BUACA CANADA.

    20. Pete Geary has a website and had two Facebook groups where there were hundreds of images of children and once again I deny using any images of children in any such way or in the way in which I am being accused.

    21. I am not the owner of any organisation and I would like to call Sharon Geary (his wife) as a witness to these proceedings if this is his claim and cannot understand if this is the case why his wife and child also are not included on the order only to say that I strongly deny such allegations as they are not true and I have never contacted his wife or children or oppose a threat to Mr. Geary or his family in way, shape or form and the evidence will show it is the adverse, I am the one who requires an order for protection against his constant harassment and to be able to clear my name and will be producing evidence to prove of my claims.

    22. I will subpoena Michelle Stewart and request the court for her to appear via video link and believe that Mr. Geary has his own reasons for making these allegations and allow Michelle Stewart to speak on her behalf as it is not my place to do so, though in saying that I am aware that she has currently an IVO against Mr. Geary from his stalking, threats of violence and harassment online in the state of Victoria where it had gone to a full days contested hearing and her case was proven ,as for any allegations I will leave it for Michelle Stewart to give her evidence and believe she is one of many victims of Mr. Gearys Cyber Bullying your honour.

    24. I strongly deny for the last time any allegations of hacking any accounts or having the knowledge as to who had do this if it was not Pete Geary himself.

    25. I will also say that Michelle Stewart was a friend to Pete Geary. Pete Geary was “helping” her child after the loss of her brother and had become close to the family. I have had disputes with Ms Stewart in the past as with many people that followed Mr. Geary and that organisation and when I had met Pete Geary ,had also walked past Ms Stewarts daughter that was staying with Pete Geary whilst getting help from him and his organisation.

    26. I am not aware of other pending IVO’s against Pete Geary and strongly deny the allegations that I have coached anyone to go and make any such orders and of there are orders I request Pete Geary produce such orders to the courts for his honour to view as to the allegations made by such women if this is the case and there states and why they have sought such orders as they would have had to produce these orders before the courts and especially if they have gone before the courts as evidence has to be produced. I will not be held accountable for the actions of others and strongly deny this allegation. I was contacted by one women who had told me she needed help and had been gang raped whilst Mr.Geary was “helping” her and her children online and had told her to go and seek the help of the police and I couldn’t offer her what she required in that respect and I believe she only came to me via Facebook as she had witnessed the attacks on myself from Pete Geary and serious malicious false allegations that he has made in relation to myself.

    27. I strongly deny I have attacked any single mothers and since I can prove that Mr.Geary has opened accounts using my name and profiles of my daughter and other pictures and other victim’s and has also denied these claims that it is my belief though I cannot prove it, believe it to be him and do not know the women who he is peaking of and again would like proof the only people that I have posted on my wall are those who have put up websites declaring me a paedophile and women’s groups that are in some way associated with Pete Geary. I strongly deny any such allegation and am unsure of the impact in the family Law Courts and would like Mr. Geary to produce such evidence and proof before the courts if these are his claims that are simply not true nor correct.

    28. Mr. Geary states he is not a vigilante group and yet his conduct and behaiour against me speaks otherwise and is of serious concern.

    29. There is no order I have breached and believe that your honour I deserve a chance at proving my case and once against Pete Geary for my own protection and for the courts to find remedy to protect me.

    30. I deny the allegation that I have contacted anyone and also want Pete Geary to produce evidence of any such correspondence from me to these people he claims I have contacted and state that this is not true at all and believe that Pete Geary has gone to this length or been told to get an order against myself to counteract one that I have been preparing against Mr.G eary and made him aware of my pending civil/criminal action for defamation ,slander and libel and vilification where it has ruined my life, my mental health and state of wellbeing, quality of life and of the worst kind where my reputation and life have been destroyed because of his allegations that I am a paedophile in such a public manner and to so many and from a person who has such contacts and affiliations with respect child abuse advocate’s and this is the only reason for seeking such an order and will produce my evidence before the courts and his honour.

    31. I dismiss these allegations outright and if I have ever made a remark or comment towards Mr.Geary it has merely been in my defence against his constant attacks that have been never ending and exhausting and I will also add your honour I do not even know his family brothers and sisters to be able to contact them another false allegations I strongly deny.

    32. Due to only having 28 days to appeal my family law I am sorry that this was more important to me and wish courts to confirm that Mr. Geary did not comply with the order to provide myself an affidavit. I beg the courts to ensure any allegations of Pete Geary are on Affidavit so that if there are false declarations determined by this court that Police can use this evidence within their own investigations.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    [Deponent’s signature appears here]

    Signed and sworn by the said deponent at . . . [insert name of town or city and suburb where affidavit

    signed] this . . . [insert date] . . . day of . . . [insert month] . . . 20 . . .[insert year] . . . , before me.

    Justice of the Peace (Qualified).

    Affidavits made on solemn affirmation

    When the deponent is making an affirmation, the affidavit usually takes this form:

    I, . . . [insert deponent’s name], of . . . [insert deponent’s address], do solemnly, sincerely and truly affirm and declare that……………[insert deponent’s statement]

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    [Deponent’s signature appears here]

    Signed and solemnly, sincerely and truly affirmed and declared by the said deponent at . . . [insert name of town or city and suburb where affidavit signed] this . . . [insert date] . . . day of . . . [insert month] . . . 20 . . .[insert year] . . . , before me.

    Justice of the Peace (Qualified).


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