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    AXJ Italy remembers 11th September 2001:

    Mia Mint
    Mia Mint

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    AXJ Italy remembers 11th September 2001: Empty AXJ Italy remembers 11th September 2001:

    Post  Mia Mint on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:02 am

    AXJ Italy remembers 11th September 2001

    AXJ Italy remembers 11th September 2001: 1374021

    The 11th September 2001 is a day I shall never forget.

    I remember I was ironing. My son was just 2 months old and sleeping.

    I decided to switch on the tv to keep me company.

    The first channel I saw was showing the most incredible image: an aeroplane was hitting the Twin Towers in New York.

    I thought to myself: “It must be a movie.”

    I switched to another channel: same scene.

    Another channel: same scene again.

    For the first, and hopefully last, time in my life I saw all major tv channels show the same images.

    The Twin Towers were crumbling. Falling. People were throwing themselves out of the windows: little black dots dropping down.

    I had climbed those Towers in 1982 – I remember them today. Looking down from the top floor the world seemed so small.

    The world is so small. Life is so uncertain.

    In that day thousands of men and women lost: many lost their lives, many lost loved ones, many lost family, many lost their serenity.

    Life after that act of terrorism could not remain the same.

    Although the years have passed it is our duty as citizens of the world to remember.

    Solidarity should be a fundamental component of our lives.

    Instead, often, it is lost behind other things.

    This year, on the 11th September, the organization AXJ ® together with its founding members, invites you to put aside differences and light a candle in memory of that day and of all the people who lost their lives for the folly of man. And to spend a few seconds in remembering.

    Together we can change things!!/AXJITALIA

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