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    AXJ ® International News and World Report
    New York, N.Y., USA

    The international civil and political rights organization known as Action For Justice ( AXJ ) starts covering the "OCCUPY" grass roots movements in cities coast to coast throughout the USA from Manhattan, New York, to Denver, Colorado, going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California.

    OCCUPY is the first simultaneous and organized world wide movement of Peoples around the world using new technologies such as the internet to organize these events.

    Main websites include:

    AXJ Facebook:

    New technologies

    By using new technologies on the internet such as AXJ RSS real time feeds ( ) AXJ members are able to stay in touch in real time 24/7/365 around the world.

    Apparently the OCCUPY Movements have found a home on FACEBOOK and are organizing by using its platform.

    For example, one of the largest sites can be found in Philadelphia, USA at:

    OCCUPY is also conducting its general assemblies and making global statements on Youtube which are being run 24/7/365 on main AXJ servers around the world in real time.

    OCCUPY state that they are peaceful global movements similar to the demonstrations in Paris in 1968.

    More information to come as OCCUPY prepare for massive world wide movements and demonstrations on 11.11.11

    What is the OCCUPY movement all about?

    OCCUPY is a grass roots movement composed mainly of the middle and lower classes of the world according to them making up 99% of the human beings of the world. These individuals and their families are coming out to the streets of their cities peacefully to demand changes in today's economic and social reality.

    Most of these People are outraged with the present economic and social injustices whereby 1% of society keeps increasing their wealth exponentially, while the civil, political and economic rights and income of the middle and lower classes are reduced.

    In the USA, with the excuse of the Patriot Act, the American People feel that their basic constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly, apart from their rights to Habeas Corpus, etc. are being suppressed by present government authorities.

    Therefore Americans are taking back their cities and letting authorities know that they are not going away until they begin to see real change in society.

    These changes include:

    * The reduction of income, property and sales taxes for those making less than $20,000.00 USD per year.

    * The closer controlling and auditing of public administration funds and criminal accountability of politicians to the People.

    * The rationaliztion and reduction of public employees and politicians, and the elimination of private corporation lobbies in government.

    * The control and reduction of bank interest rates down to 2%.

    * The creation of employment in the USA and the direct penalization of American corporations which sub-contract and use international instead of American workers.

    * Many other economic measures such as taxing those making more than $100,000.00 USD per year at a much higher percentage and with no tax deductions of any kind.

    * The elimination of the Federal Reserve.

    * Other changes include the immediate suspension of all intervention of American troops in other countries and immediate return of American soldiers to the USA.

    Presidential Elections 2012

    With the present make up of the US Federal Government and upcoming Presidential elections in 2012, Americans are weighing in on the present candidates and looking very closely at their track records, especially with regards to the recent "Wall Street Bailouts" which most Americans opposed.

    Such propaganda as the following is appearing everywhere:

    As a result, President Obama presently has the lowest rating in the history of the USA and will most likely not be considered for re-election in 2012, while Dr. Ron Paul is gaining momentum in the polls.

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