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    AXJ ® has recently received this video from EFE stating the Spanish Police and the Judge of Court number 4 of Córdoba, Spain, Mr. José Luis Rodríguez Laín, are investigating the disappearence of two small children Jose ( 2 ) and Ruth Bretón Ortiz ( 6 ) from the park Cruz Conde of Cordoba, Spain, on the afternoon of October 8, 2011.

    If you have any information regarding the children and/or about the father Mr. José Bretón Gómez, or about the mother Ruth Ortiz, please contact the police of Spain or the Court in Spain on: 34 (957) 00 23 87 / 957 00 23 88 Fax: 34 (957) 00 23 94

    You can also contact the Attorney Mr. José María Sánchez de Puerta.

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    Domingo, 20/11/2011


    Un hermano de Bretón "cree" que le dijo que solo se le había perdido un niño

    M. J. ALBERT - Córdoba - 17/11/2011

    Rafael, hermano de José Bretón, declaró ayer ante el juez instructor que recibió dos llamadas de este la tarde del 8 de octubre en que se perdió el rastro de sus hijos Ruth y José Bretón Ortiz, supuestamente en el parque Cruz Conde de Córdoba. Así lo explicó el abogado de Bretón, José María Sánchez de Puerta, a la salida de los juzgados: "En el momento en que se les perdió, llamó a su hermano. Rafael ha dicho que cree recordar que primero le dijo que era un niño. Pero que la sorpresa fue cuando le volvió a llamar y le dijo: 'Se me han perdido los dos niños".

    * La familia de Ruth y José duda que los niños se fueran con un desconocido
    * Bretón intentó reconciliarse con su mujer un día antes de la desaparición de los niños de Córdoba

    La investigación que dirige el juez de instrucción José Luis Rodríguez Laínz para esclarecer qué ha ocurrido con Ruth y José, los hermanos de seis y dos años, sigue su curso. Además de Rafael, otra tía paterna de los niños, su abuela y un tío político declararon ayer ante el magistrado. El padre de los pequeños sigue siendo el principal sospechoso del caso y se mantiene su prisión provisional desde el 21 de octubre, acusado de detención ilegal cualificada por desaparición de menores y simulación de delito.

    Sánchez de Puerta explicó que los testigos ratificaron "casi todas las declaraciones prestadas con anterioridad y han puntualizado algunos aspectos como horarios o llamadas". En las distintas versiones que han trascendido por boca del abogado -y que difieren en algunos aspectos-, la tarde del 8 de octubre, Bretón llevó a los niños a casa de su hermana; más tarde de la abuela de los niños y luego a la finca familiar. De allí, al parque Cruz Conde donde, según el padre, desaparecieron.

    Source :


    Breton did not threaten Ruth and Jose’s mother, says lawyer

    October 28, 2011

    By Eloise Horsfield

    THE lawyer of Jose Breton Gomez, who is being held in relation to the disappearance of his two children in a Cordoba park on October 8, has criticised the motives behind his client’s detention.

    Jose Maria Sanchez de Puerta denied suggestions that his client told his wife she would not see their children again if she separated from him.

    According to Sanchez, Breton simply said he would fight for the custody of Ruth Breton Ortiz, six, and her brother Jose, two, after their break-up.

    The couple separated a month before the children’s disappearance and had agreed for their mother to look after them during the week and their father at weekends.

    “He never threatened her,” said Sanchez at a press conference this week, criticising the alleged threat as a motive for keeping his client in prison.

    Breton is being held because of “a motive that he had apparently communicated” – presumably relating to the alleged threat mentioned above – as well as “serious indications that lead to the possible participation” of Breton in the disppearance of his children.

    But lawyer Sanchez said that “apparently” is not enough, and that any doubt should go in favour of the accused.

    Breton’s side of the story is that he lost sight of the siblings for a moment in a park in Cordoba.

    But while CCTV footage of the park from October 8 shows Breton talking to a security guard after the children vanished, there is no footage of him with the children and no witnesses saw him in the park with the youngsters.

    And a wide scale search has been underway ever since but the children have still not been found.

    Meanwhile, following Sanchez de Puerta’s claims earlier this week that his client is bipolar, a friend of the children’s mother has confirmed that Breton had not been diagnosed with any mental illness at the time of the their disappearance.

    She added that Breton had always been a devoted father to Ruth and Jose.



    3am arrest of missing kids’ dad in Spain

    October 19, 2011 • Andalucia, Cordoba • 0 Comments

    POLICE have arrested the father of two children who vanished from a park in Cordoba 11 days ago.

    Jose Breton Gomez, 38, was seized at his home at 3am on Tuesday morning on suspicion of murder.

    He was the last person to see Jose, two, and Ruth Breton Ortiz, six, alive before they disappeared and has been accused of making ‘false statements’.

    He insisted he lost sight of them for ‘a moment’ and a search has been underway ever since.

    But while CCTV footage of the park shows him talking to a security guard after the children vanished, there is no footage of him with the children and no witnesses saw him in the park with the youngsters.

    His arrest comes just days after the children’s distraught mother Ruth Ortiz made an impassioned plea to have her children brought home.

    “Whoever has them, if you let them free, you have my forgiveness,” she wrote in the letter. “I’m not vengeful. I was taught to forgive. I am capable of forgiving and forgetting if I can just see their faces again.”

    The moving missive was read out at the end of a silent protest march of 1,200 people in the mother’s home city of Huelva.

    City mayor and the family of murdered teenager Marta del Castillo (see left) were also present to show their support for the family.

    A separate march in Cordoba headed to the park, where the pair went missing on October 8 while spending the weekend with their father, a former ambulance driver who has been unemployed for the last five months.


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