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    AXJ ANTI-BULLIES : PROBABLE COMPLAINT AGAINST S.T.O.L.E.N. OF CANADA? 187781_201340809900443_2384033_n
    Public image from the internet

    Pettigrew St
    Kelowna, BC V1Y, Canada

    Update to recent news about John Hans Anderson of Canada he has now decided to slander a few more innocent parents and grandparents ( all members of AXJ around the world ) by using the prestigious website SCRIBD :

    With this post John Hans Anderson will find himself on the most wanted list in his country Canada and AXJ will inform the FBI in the USA and INTERPOL if he decides to travel to any other country.

    New protected witness comes forth and publishes her testimony on Youtube:

    Apparently AXJ has contacted YOUTUBE and they have removed John Anderson's publication there:

    This man has already had issues with the Social Services in his country because he apparently has a small child which is suffering all these irresponsible activities of this individual.

    A site with all his posts has been created for the Police of Canada at:


    The CEO of AXJ Mr. John Aster has written this about the HIDDEN DANGERS OF FACEBOOK

    THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF FACEBOOK : Stolen John/Jon/Anderson/Dow/Doe/Downie and other alias he uses

    by John Aster on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 11:40pm


    Facebook is by far the world’s leading social network with more than 600 million users. If Facebook were a Country, it would have the world’s third largest population. Therefore, it’s anybody’s guess as to why it’s considered a marketer’s paradise. Though it was conceptualized as a pure social network, it has undoubtedly taken the marketing world by storm in the last couple of years.

    Facebook can be a fantastic social networking device if used wisely and with great caution. It allows you to keep in touch with family and friends in different parts of the world and meet new people with the same interests in, political views, religion, activities, hobbies, interests, music, movies and up to date with what is happening around the world and all too often what is not happening.

    There are also many groups, pages and networks that you can join to connect with people that have similar interests and this is where in a large majority of these groups the hidden dangers of Facebook loom and especially the ones that advocate for change, awareness exposure and corruption.

    The problem being, when we enter and participate on these groups and causes we have a tendency to befriend people and as adults we are always cautioning our children of the hidden dangers of such social networks, yet seldom listen to the advice given to our children and rather than act cautiously as we would with a mere stranger on the street or someone we have just met, too often we befriend people we do not know and the hidden dangers that can occur with such friendships and in situations where you would not ever want to know such an individual nor socialise with in any circumstances.

    The problem being is once you have added a person as a friend they then have privilege to all you share with those such as family and friends, photos of your children, things you enjoy, those you care about and your life can become an open book to those people that are not as they appear and are dangerous not only to you and your family and others in these social networks that they are a part of or groups they have developed.

    When you open that door, it cannot be closed so easily, if you encounter such dangers and then your haven of what you believed to be private, safe and secure becomes dangerous and information you have shared can be used to portray quite the adverse, photos of your loved ones taken and violated as your basic human rights and leave an imprint of the Internet for years to come that is not only distasteful but inaccurate and oppose a threat to your life.

    This is never really done by those spreading such rumour that is contrite and malicious but more those individuals and people that know- no better and believe what is written and read to be truthful.

    This is where all those that use these social networks must be very aware of the hidden dangers that occur and use caution when adding anyone we do not know and treat them as cautiously and wisely as we would a mere stranger on the street.

    One must never presume that those we meet on the Facebook and other social network’s to be likeminded or good people, as some are as dangerous as those we caution our children about as they hide under organisations that appear genuine, even having affiliated themselves with well-known and respected advocates that one may have seen frequently in the news, those that have written well documented material on a range of social subjects, professors ,politicians, media advocates ,child abuse advocates and those highly respected in society ,distinguished with honours and social reputations amongst the elite.

    Beware this can be just as deceptive and where we become blind sighted even more so because of those associations and it can be to our own detriment and safety and more importantly to those we love.


    These groups and causes we join can only sometimes lead to impending danger, threats, slanderous allegations and vilification that can be detrimental when others believe what is written by these people who open these groups and purport to be advocates of some description, whether it is Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Protection, Family Law Courts or merely support groups and so forth.

    There are such groups that exist and have huge cult like followings of vulnerable people from all over the globe all believing they are in some way making a difference in society not realising the dangers they are succumbing by merely engaging with a few of these very disturbed and dangerous individuals.

    Many individuals that join these groups and causes on Facebook have endured some form of abuse in their lives or have been through the Family Law Courts, had Child Protection Intervention and so forth and when people have such history believe they can comfort another, help or even give advice that maybe helpful from their own experience that may possibly benefit those in need that are currently struggling.

    Many are simply people with knowledge and have done degree’s , are experts in abuse, researches ,writers, lecturers sharing knowledge and even politicians and offer some hope for those seeking help too little to no avail and are merely sharing their knowledge rather than helping those who need it.

    What happens when such people are exposed to charlatans?

    Those that claim they are there to help you and expose corruption under false pretences?

    Those that say they are a registered organisations for Child Abuse and purport to be Child Abuse Advocates yet hold no degree’s in sociology, psychology, psychiatry in fact are finding there members of Facebook to support society’s most vulnerable children and parents?

    The dangers of such groups on Facebook are becoming as wide spread and common as those people searching for solutions and help on these networks that are potentially dangerous and as we have read even cost people their lives due to suicide from cyber bullying and harassment that has been constant by certain individuals and even groups designed for such abuse and where the law appears to be powerless to help nor change such circumstances where these Cyber Bully’s/ Perpetrators of such abuse are in other Countries around the world!

    These social network’s offer little and no support and there needs to be a much greater Intervention than there is, in this billion dollar industry that is indivertibly costing the lives of children in certain circumstances and adults and allowing individuals to become victims of such perpetrators where there are no solutions, nor repercussions from Facebook and those complaining regarding such people!

    People will simply say, we'll just close your account down!

    We must always remember and be vigilant that there is never just one victim with such people and where there is one, there will be another that sadly will follow with such offenders and for those that manage to live with the intrusion, disinformation, false allegations, vilification and having others believe what they read, merely because these so called advocates of abuse say that it is truth and gospel.

    People do not seek to dispel such allegations in search of the truth and fact despite being the most heinous allegations without one piece of factual evidence, if anything you will find many individuals having a pack mentally following suit.

    There can be no doubt sadly there will be one day ,those people that will not cope at all and that is where the greatest danger of Facebook and these social network’s lay and evidently will cost the life of another person not strong enough and emotional vulnerable to such abuse ,that are currently already struggling.

    I have been in many groups and quite a variety, some that are of great benefit to society and people and I believe are a requirement and educational, enlightening, even if for social awareness and there have been others that are so socially dysfunctional that they are detrimental and spreading information that can hinder rather than help and the owners of these groups and causes are potentially dangerous to the point where they are deluded and have other innocent, vulnerable individual’s following their misguided advice sadly that will sadly be detrimental to those taking such advice.

    There must be far greater intervention in removing these people from the internet and social networks such as Facebook for the safety of those that do not know any better and blinded in their search for assistance and there must be transparency and accountability from Facebook administrators’ and other social portals such as YouTube, MySpace and so forth for the damage that has and is being done on a daily basis via their lack of intervention.

    Below is an example of just how disturbing such groups can be and how they have a cult following of quite few hundred in these groups which is even more disturbing sitting there saying nothing watching people being bullied and victimised daily.


    There are many groups where I have seen and witnessed people being abused in the worse possible way, the worst group for Internet Abuse using social networks such as Facebook and YouTube has come from two purported advocates that I have witnessed so far and have been mortified.

    One being BUACA’s Co-Founder and the other from a group owner and apparent founder John Anderson from S.T.O.L.E.N and his apparent show that uncovers stories of corruption.

    When you first join these groups and causes they comes across as rather articulate and appear to have knowledge of child abuse and corruption in the initial beginning, they appear well spoken, polite approachable, confident and they appear to be able to be eager to help in any way he can and anyone they can. The catch being there is a vested Interest financially and otherwise.

    I had watched John Anderson gain the confidence of vulnerable individuals and very convincing in his ability to manipulate people into coming on to his show or him calling them for a supposed Interview or even a conversation without them being aware he was recording there most private and personal details, only to later betray that confidence and twist that information when confronted in any way or description or challenged as to the information he was providing and allowing others to believe .

    The advice was poor, misguided and incorrect that he was giving people he would gather any information he could and regurgitate it in the worst possible way only to do untold damage and crucify people, even to the point where he had cropped audio recordings that was blatantly obvious and all designed to spread malicious unfounded allegations and even people that were quite credible, almost as though he was envious of anyone’s success and so he sought to discredit those people and organisations the most.

    John Anderson, also known as Jon Downie, John Hans Anderson, Jon Doe, Jane Doe, S.T.O.L.E.N and various other aliases from Canada had befriend society’s most vulnerable people and had them following him as though he was some messiah ,where his every word was gospel.

    This man reminded me more, like the new Charles Manson or of the new millennium with his cult following and the trail of destruction he was leaving all over these social portals such as Facebook, YouTube and other blogs and the Internet in general.

    There has not been one person male or female that has challenged this man, his advice or behaviour and his actions that have not been targeted by him and those that follow him, with slander and vilification of the worst kind.

    John Anderson has labeled every single individual that has some contact with this man where his motives or organisation has come under scrutiny as being -PEDOPHILES, CHILD ABUSED, CHILD KILLERS,DRUNKS,WIFE KILLERS,SUFFERING MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESS- and the list goes on with allegations that are not only dangerous and outright disgusting and the worst imaginable vilification and not because of what he is writing but simply because of those people that believe what they are reading and then spreading the same disturbing misguided information all over the Internet.

    I have never encounted someone so dangerous on the Internet leaving an Internet footprint in search engines /cached pages labelling innocent people as child abuses, paedophiles and alike, this personbefriends people that had lost their partners in the worse possible way, even children to have those losses used in the most inhumane way to target those people to further abuse those individuals even with their deceased loved ones.

    John Anderson reminds me of an internet troll that defaces tribute sites of deceased and murdered children and is equivalent as those disgusting disturbing individual’s that have no moral fibre or conscience and are merely out to destroy people with their self-destructing behaviour that is detrimental in more ways than one.

    Parents that are going through court battles regarding their children in the Family law system, grieving mothers and fathers searching for help and answers and all the while asking and getting donations sent to him for his advice.

    John Anderson founder of S.T.O.L.E.N to date has accumulated donations in excess of quite a few thousand and yet no one has asked ,nor requested this scam artist /charlatan what these donations of money and gifts have gone to and for?

    The website he has constructed is on a website called Freewebs and is free and has to date not cost him a dollar.

    He has a few YouTube channels as we know that cost nothing and yet when you go and listen to what he has on this channel for the viewers and so called advocate is nothing but slander and abuse based on non-factual evidence of any description, just a form of cyber bullying and foul language that is explicit, with name calling false flagging allegations and calling everyone and other organisation’s on the Internet paedophile rings, paedophiles and yet to date has not provided one ounce of documentation or any credible information to substantiate such claims apart from damaging individuals and harming innocent people and to what cost?

    I decided after some time of witnessing such horrendous abuse and being one of his targets to ignore him, then I realised even when you do ignore this individual he finds another target and so the list goes on, all the time purporting to be an advocate taking money and proceeds from innocent vulnerable people and those not so innocent that run underhanded child abuse organisations, to have a good look at who this person is and what is his history and more to the point what is his motive.


    MrNeoKat(REMOVED) - YouTube Channels-

    The Mellinnium pirates






    The list continues as does the abuse and slander.

    The question still remains what do we know about Mr John. Hans Anderson, his History and who he is and what are his motives and should he be requesting “ funds and donations” and should Facebook, YouTube and the other portals he uses/abuses to spread such rumour, allegations and disinformation that is not only slanderous but potentially harmful be accountable?

    Facebook and other social networks need to be somewhat responsible before someone that is very vulnerable and susceptible to such Cyber Bully’s, life be in danger from this individual and those like him.

    Here is what we know about John Anderson after some research and I urge others to do the same before befriending or donating to this person and ask many people on here that have come in contact with John Anderson their own experience.

    I also note he now has a account where he has listed a hundred or so other individuals as paedophiles or paedophile supporters for no reason what so ever, that is how disturbing this individual is!


    John Anderson has a lengthy criminal history which includes physical violence, domestic violence, attacks and assaults on individuals, drug use and cultivation, cocaine and crack use and abuse and still today has a history of drug abuse and is a current drug user from his own admission and gloats about such drug abuse!

    John. H. Anderson also is on a disability pension in Canada for severe mental health issues and has been knows as having psychotic episodes and having a personality disorder.

    John Anderson has two children and with both children have had CPS intervention because of his violent history and drug abuse and use and a history of drug dealing and convictions for such.

    The first child he has not seen for many years and is not currently allowed to see due to his violence towards his ex-spouse and child and he has not seen nor even attempted to pay any maintenance, nor did support the child to his previous relationship at all.

    John Anderson fled from another province in Canada to prevent warrants for his arrest for threats to kill that involved a Mother with a Child and has made threats to others children in different countrys.

    John Anderson fled and impregnated another woman by the name of Cathryn Grace Stephens who had little to no idea of his history, yet has still remained in an abusive relationship with John Anderson and being 14 years his junior and follows his dysfunctional behaviour on the Internet .

    I find it perplex and concerning that he has a very young infant child and most often the day to day care of his very daughter whilst not only under the influence of illicit drugs, mental health issues and aggression that is blatantly obvious on the Internet and Interviews, but she is present when he is in fits of rage and aggression and there are recordings of this rage and verbal abuse where the young child is petrified and started crying as her father started violently yelling abuse at another individual via Skype.

    There are also visual recordings of this Man that I have seen where he is heavily drug induced and the child present and also recordings where he demands in a demeaning way for his partner Cathrynto get him something and says how he got so angry he put his fist through his laptop screen and is seeking out certain individuals.

    John Anderson also has a history of stalking not only individuals on the Internet but others that have been in his life previously so much so that his ex-partner had to close down her Facebook account and by his own admission was getting others to contact her and harass her despite him not seeing her for years as mother being protective of her child and having such history with John Anderson and the abuse that was severe and the Intervention has chosen to be proactive in protecting the child.

    John Anderson currently has an outstanding warrant to be heard in Canada Alberta and I believe even pending charges in relation to severe vilification and abuse.

    John Anderson has a history that speaks for itself and is a risk not only to those in his immediate care but others via his false allegations, constant slander and the manipulation of other innocent individuals that he has also that have adapted his dysfunctional mentality and spend their days doing the same and spreading his propaganda.

    There are no boundaries with these types of individuals that roam the Internet seeking victims and all for the sake of money and the presumption that those donations feed his drug abuse habit and the fact people are giving that money in good faith and for the cause and yet there is no defined cause to date reputable enough or a registered organization worthy of such donations.


    John Anderson boundaries are such that he used his own niece to do a YouTube show where he interviewed her in relation to an apparent rape, yet there is no documentation, nor proof of such a rape or police reports that have to date been produced to validate that claim of rape and after he put up the YouTube video he then on his Facebook groups and his website requested donations, using teenage child ,if the story was indeed fact ,why use it for financial gain and that is regarded as the most severe form of child abuse and exploiting a child’s tragic circumstance’s if in fact true a violation of that child and to try and profit financially if beyond comprehension.


    What was even more disturbing to find out is at a much later date once again he attempted to enlist donations this time it was for his own apparent sexual abuse that apparently occurred when he was four.

    No person would ever condemn, nor mock anyone that had been sexually abused as a child and the lifelong damage and sentence that occurs from such abuse, but to use this for financial gain and to enlist people to tell of their own abuse for your apparent S.T.O.L.E.N. show where you’re an advocate of such abuse and corruption and even go to the lengths to use a your own niece, yet forget to disclose you own supposed abuse that occurred when you were between 3 and 4 and at school and then the almighty request for money and donations does not add up as being truthful and to expose the abuse of others and then declare your own abuse for donations yet divulge very little is a violation of the true victims of sexual abuse.

    Looking at John Andersons history and all that entails, the way in which he conducts himself and his nonfactual allegations and slander, I would suspect this to be merely another representation of who and what he is, a deceptive, manipulative liar and being unfamiliar with his mental health issues, I suspect they would have to be quite severe to be on a disability pension and rendered unfit to work, yet fit to parent in his state and be left with a young child is of a far greater concern while he is on these abusive tirades.

    I am only aware of his previous and current abuse towards others verbal and physical leads me to the conclusion that this person does not advocate for the greater good of anyone apart from himself and his own financial gain to feed his drug abuse addiction and when he is caught out by those that aren’t as easily fooled after a while and his friendly helpful persona drops its guard to show who the real John Anderson is, then expect the unexpected and to be labelled as a Paedophile, child abuser, child killer, Wife Killer, drunk, suicidal creep, stalked, harassed and having him plague the Internet with his disgusting vilification all over the Internet like litter in a local bin full to the brim.

    This Man and his actions speak clearly of how dangerous the intent is and how others that are vulnerable are in danger when trusting we know someone because they claim to be an advocate of sorts on Facebook and other social Networks that we frequent without consideration to those we meet on here without actually knowing anything about them, their history, there intentions and the damage that they are truly capable of when confronted because you merely disagree with what you have observed or seen is something to be considered and concerned with in this day and age where the internet is more widely used than Television or any other portal to promote and share information so widely.

    I ask all that frequent these sites to be more cautious, careful and security safe and far more dubious about these so called Facebook/MySpace friendships and don’t so easily allow these people into your lives as the reality is you do not know them and they are as much as a stranger as those who cross your path on the street.

    Do your research and be methodical, it may just keep you safe and away from pending danger from such dysfunctional people!

    Never judge a person on the Internet by what they present or their association’s and who they know, as what they elude to represent may not be what they represent at all in reality and may be no more than a scam to only benefit the person behind the cause or group they are an advocate of and a danger to you and your family.

    Some screen shots and other things will be loaded at a later date to give people insight in to this one example given above and just some of the lengths John Anderson and others like him will go or you may already know too discredit good people all for his own self-serving purpose and cyber bullying attacks on people credibility with the most inhumane allegations, harassment and stalking.

    Stay Safe from the impending Dangers of Facebook and other social networks and act with the same caution as the advice we constantly try and implement and enforce with our children, time for the Adults to take a leaf out of the book we so often preach to the young for their own protection and online safety.

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    AXJ ANTI-BULLIES : PROBABLE COMPLAINT AGAINST S.T.O.L.E.N. OF CANADA? 187781_201340809900443_2384033_n
    Public image from the internet


    Update to recent news about John Anderson of Canada he has now decided to slander a few more innocent parents and grandparents ( all members of AXJ around the world ) by using the prestigious website SCRIBD :

    With this post John Anderson will find himself on the most wanted list in his country Canada and AXJ will inform the FBI in the USA and INTERPOL if he decides to travel to any other country.

    Apparently AXJ has contacted YOUTUBE and they have removed John Anderson's publication there:


    Apparently a criminal case and sworn affidavits have been filed before a Court in Canada against a few people of the organization known as S.T.O.L.E.N. on the internet.

    AXJ CANADA states
    it supports freedom of speech everywhere in the world but does not and will not tolerate bullying nor hacking nor slander of any kind.

    AXJ CANADA has received a copy of the following draft sent to the Canadian authorities regarding this matter:



    1355 Water Street, Kelowna, V1Y9R3
    Tel: (250) 470-6900
    Kelowna 1 888 758-2888
    the toll free # is to the prosector's office.
    Phone: 250 387-3840
    Fax: 250 387-0090

    Kelowna Court Services(Provincial and Supreme Courts)
    1 - 1355 Water Street
    Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 9R3
    Tel: 250 470-6900
    Library Fax: 250 470-6939
    Sheriff Services
    Tel: 250 470-6846
    Fax: 250 470-6843

    ATTN: Staff Sgt. Maclaughlin, Constable Brian Dobbs,Superintendent Bill McKinnon.
    TEL : +1-250-762-3300 RCMP Kelowna detachment.

    REF : 27341 I

    Your Honor:

    This letter is to inform you that I am willing to present this sworn Affidavit with its attachments and exhibits before the Court to prove that I have been personally insulted and/or bullied and/or stalked on social networks such as Facebook and on the internet, by a person that goes by the name of Mr. Neo Kat and/or John Doe and/or John Anderson, residing at: Pettigrew St., Kelowna, BC V1Y, Canada, apparently runs the following program called S.T.O.L.E.N. on Youtube:

    And on Facebook at:

    Let me state the facts as follows:

    First. ) My name is (your name ) , and request that the Court and/or Prosecutor and/or Attorney General please keep my name and personal information private and confidential for security reasons

    Second. ) I have an account on a few social networking websites such as Facebook where I stay in contact with my friends and family on a regular basis.

    Third. ) On or about ( date ) I came in contact with a man called John Doe or John Anderson who claims he runs a program called S.T.O.L.E.N. I attach his internet address on Facebook and on the internet and on Youtube as exhibit A.

    Fourth. ) This person has been sending me the emails and/or publications about me and/or my friends and family I attach as exhibit B.

    Fifth. ) I feel these emails are personally threatening and full of misrepresentations and/or slander about myself and/or my family and/or my friends.

    Sixth. ) Based on this sworn Affidavit along with the attached evidence, I kindly request that the Court grant an indefinite NO CONTACT ORDER against John Doe ( Anderson ) of the program S.T.O.L.E.N. without prejudice save as to costs.

    Seventh. ) Based on this sworn Affidavit along with the attached evidence, I kindly request that if required by the Court, a legal advisor and/or attorney and/or barrister be appointed in my defense to proceed to prosecute this individual as soon as possible, and request the moral and/or personal and/or emotional damages and pain and suffering caused to myself, along with my friends and/or family.

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