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    Apparently AXJ finally gets Joseph G. Dauben arrested in Texas, USA


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    Apparently AXJ finally gets Joseph G. Dauben arrested in Texas, USA Empty Apparently AXJ finally gets Joseph G. Dauben arrested in Texas, USA

    Post  Admin on Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:23 am

    Apparently AXJ finally gets Joseph G. Dauben arrested in Texas

    Apparently AXJ finally gets Joseph G. Dauben arrested in Texas, USA Joey-dauben-mug
    Pic courtsey of mugshots dot com and the internet


    Apparently Joseph G. Dauben has been arrested according the websites mugshots dot com ( ) and Ellis County Observer Sucks ( ).

    Joey Dauben Arrested by “Bobo” the Texas Ranger on 3 Counts of Child Sexual Assault

    Posted: December 20, 2011 in Ellis County Observer, Freedom of the Press Group, Home Page, Joey Dauben
    Tags: brandy owen statements about joey dauben's arrest, Joey Dauben arrested by BOBO, Joey Dauben charged with child sex assault

    Dallas, Texas: December 19, 2011, Joey Dauben is sitting in a Navarro County jail on $200,000 bail, charged with 3 counts of child sexual assault and 1 count of indecency with a child. Joey Dauben was arrested at 2:15 pm by a Texas Ranger named “Bobo.” Dauben was located in the basement of his grandmother’s house at 110 Dardenwood, Mabank, Texas.

    Brandy Owen was listed as his emergency contact and her telephone number was provided (972) 273 – 9753. Calls for comments from Mrs. Owen have not been returned as of this report, but she has made the following official statements in her initial press release statement:

    “OK. So forewarning, don’t even waste your time if you plan on posting comments laughing, mocking or “I told you so” especially MVZ. Your comments will be deleted. I have been aware of this situation for some time now. I have read the instant messages, I have known this was probably going to happen.”

    “I swear all of those times I punched someone in their stupid face for running their stupid mouth, was just training me to deal with YOU. Aren’t you proud that my entire has a been a classroom to teach me not to kill your stupid ass for the shit you talk.

    You got that bitch?”

    “I have a houseful of people from out-of-town and I had to wrap up my WFH obligations and I haven’t not had time to call or get details. I am not Joey’s wife, I am busy. I am doing what I can, from where I am.

    Sounds like Webmaster is involved maybe he should help. And I will explain my stance a little better. I have heard the story. I have asked the hard questions. But then Joey puts together this milk-toast PDF, and put my name as the author. I am unable to make changes to the file until I upgrade some stuff on my computer.

    I will say that I think the story of the accusation and the whole chain of events is ridiculous. First, of all anyone who has met Joey, ESPECIALLY in 2007, knows that he is about 5’7″ and a buck 40 MAYBE. He has put on a little weight since then, I know he is going to be pissed when he gets out of jail and he reads this, but really. My fifteen year old son started laughing when I said out loud, Joey was being arrested for molesting a 15 year old boy or was it sexually assaulting a 15 yr old boy. Whatever 15 years-olds could beat Joey up.”

    In response to a request that the website remove libelous trash about certain individuals within 48 hours or face legal action against all those affiliated with the website by Action for Justice (AXJ), Mrs. Owen replied:

    “Ok so Joey is in jail, if you haven’t read already. I do not have full administrative capacity. I do have have passwords to access the articles you are in reference to here nor did I have anything to do with the publishing/writing/promoting of said articles, hell I haven’t read them. Class action lawsuit? Like we haven’t heard that one before.”

    Joey Dauben’s own “milk-toast pdf” press release here.

    This post is a follow up to updated-joey-g-dauben-arrested-on-charges-of-sexual-assault-of-a-minor-boy/

    Here’s the story just done by WFAA Channel 8 News.


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